Contacts! Widget

Important for users with HTC Hero in the US: Due to a bug in the Sense-UI , this widget won’t work correctly on your phone. When you reboot your device the widget isn’t updated anymore. If you delete the widget after a reboot, you will get a force close error. If you want more details on this bug or if you have already downloaded the widget, please contact me!

HTC Desire & Incredible: It looks like as if this bug also occurs on these devices. I already started working on a new version that can handle this. Unfortunatly this means a complete redesign of the architecture of this application 😦 So, this might take a while.

Displays a customizable list of contacts on the homescreen. There are various sizes in vertical and horizontal orientation available. You can choose between a call log and a custom list, where you can directly define the shortcuts shown by the widget. You can extend the number of shortcuts by building groups of widgets. This way you can have 16 shortcuts (=4 widgets) on one part of the homescreen. Of cource you can have multiple groups active on the homescreen, e.g. a call log and a user defined list. If you want to directly dial a contact (or write sms, mail), you can define default actions for every contact.

To add this widget: Longclick the homescreen, choose widgets and select “Contacts! Widget”. If you want more than 4 contacts, just add more widgets to the homescreen.

Video (thanks to Daniel *gg*):


  1. Phillip says:

    After your newest update this is force closing on android 2.0 atleast for me

    • zuggabecka says:

      Hey Phillip! Thanks for pointing me to this problem!To be honest, i hadn’t tested the widget with Android 2.0 yet. Well, I’ve done this now, and I will upload a fixed version pretty soon. Sorry for the inconvenience!

  2. Pedro says:

    Can you make it where it follows the HTC contact favorites item.

    Where you can have multiple favorites and multiple people on it so a 4×2, 4×3, 4×4 people or something along those lines. That would be great. I would love to dedicate 1 page to my 12 most called people and 4 on my default home screen.

  3. Pedro says:

    I am using this on the Droid and it is working just fine. Just not displaying the images for the users correctly.

    • zuggabecka says:

      Hi Pedro! Thanks for downloading 🙂

      This sounds like a bug that I’ve not seen before. You mean, the widget shows wrong pictures for the names beneath? I will investigate that!

      At the moment the widget (should *gg*) work like this: It counts how often you have contacted a person and shows the persons that you’ve contacted most (your top 4 contacts). Therefore, ‘favorite’ doesn’t mean, that these contacts are in your favorites list of the phonebook (they can, but they don’t have to). That’s the first viewing option, the second is: When you click on the little orb in the center, the widget shows those 4 contacts, that you’ve contacted recently (like a call log of your contacts). So, you don’t have direct control on which contacts the widget shows. Instead, it just depends on who you contact and how often you contact a person.

      Today I started working on an update that allows the user to have more than one widget on the homescreen, where every widget shows a different list of contacts:
      widget1 – favorites 1 to 4, widget2 – favorites 5 to 8, and so on. I think that’s what you are asking for, isn’t it? *gg*

  4. Bobby says:

    I’m also having trouble with the photos. Very few of my contact photos are showing up (and at least one is an old photo). I’m on the HTC Eris.

    • zuggabecka says:

      I’ve just uploaded a new version to the market. Please update to this version. If the problem is still existing, please contact me again.

  5. Erik says:

    Hi, I’m unable to get your great widget via the market because here in Belgium we’re still unable to access paid apps. Is there another way I could buy this app?

  6. Ron says:

    Hey, I love this widget, but the contact photos are not updating to the photos I have for my contacts. It just shows the Android Robot with their name underneath. Is there a fix for this?

    –>Moto Droid

  7. brett says:

    On droid. How do u put photos in the contacts boxek Right now its just blank just an android robot.

  8. Spenko says:

    I’m also having trouble with the photos on Nexus One. It doesn’t show any photos.

  9. Dan says:

    I thought it might be nice to have the mapping available as default action. I have this vision of a picture of Home or work, clicking it and navigating home from wherever I am.

  10. BenMeister says:

    After updating Rom I create the new widget but can’t give it the same name as a previous widget group I had created prior to changing rom because it says it already exists so I can only expand on it. However I cannot get the old one to display again

  11. hniu says:

    Great widget! The only real alternative to HTC People widget.
    I would really appreciate if you could hide the green star. It just ruins the look horrible. Especially if you have more then one widget. Clicking on the blanc area below the picture should be enough to launch settings.

    Please add this option!

  12. Jason says:

    Does this work on the HTC EVO with Sense running?

    • tseven says:

      I’m running fine on the HTC EVO with Sense, but the contact photo is distorted when using the large single photo widget. Very disappointing as it was the main reason I bought the widget. Looks like it’s time to uninstall/refund. *sigh*

  13. Jason says:

    The widget is exactly what I am looking for, but I am returning due to the hideous and obtrusive green star. Please let me know when you have allowed it to be hidden/removed/changed.

  14. Ken says:

    Any plans to update for Foyo?

  15. JoSH Bunnell says:

    Is there any way to get a transparent skin/theme for this widget? Or are there any others available beside eclair white and black? Transparent would be awesome!

  16. uki says:

    I have 6 1×6, 2 1×2 and one king size. Worked great until restarted Galaxy S, now can’t load all contacts! widget. Always missing few of them. Background is loaded and loading sign in center of 1×4 or 1×2 frame all the time. After restart, different frames aren’t loaded.
    I it just too many favorites or ?!?!?

  17. Johnc834 says:

    Enjoyed studying this, very good stuff, regards . A man may learn wisdom even from a foe. by Aristophanes. efdkdefdbdke

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