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new in this version:

– the widget now connects directly to the FM4 shoutcast server and displays a song history with up to 10 entries

– radio program titles available: they also appear in the widget and the dialog as a part of the song history. those entries have a different text color (grey) and cannot be saved to the watchlist. if you want to hide the radio program titles, just open the dialog, click on options and activate “hide program titles”

– saving a song to the watchlist is much faster now (when clicking the star symbol on the widget)

– fixed displaying issues when the service is unavailable or the song history contains less than 2 entries

– bugfixing


Contacts! Widget v2.4

Posted: 07/02/2010 in Version Info

New in this version:

– New skin(s):  Black and white Eclair-like skins replace the old one. Added special layouts for smaller and bigger screens. I hope you like these skins *gg*

– Default actions: Info icons are now displayed in the upper left corner of the contact photo and include information which number is dialed (‘M’ for mobile, ‘H’ for home, ‘W’ for work)

– Recent calls: The calls are now filterable (display all calls, just incoming, just outgoing, just missed calls). The widget changes the icon of the control button, depending on which filter mode is selected.

– Info icons for recent calls: Added an option to display info icons in the upper left corner of the contact photo, whether the call was incoming, outgoing or missed

– Removed the option to change the position of the control button

– Changed the appeareance of all dialogs

– added 2 buttons to the widget, to directly save the displayed song titles to the database (the two stars right next to the songtitles)

– updated UI of the widget for all screen sizes and orientations

– added tabs to the dialog