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Contacts! Widget 2.0

Posted: 26/11/2009 in 1

This is really a huge update. Most of the code has been completly rewritten. Therefore I decided to call this version 2.0

IMPORTANT! Before you update, remove the widget from your homescreen!!! If you experience any problems, please contact me!

So, what’ new? Now you can choose between two viewing modes: A call log for your contacts (as in the previous versions) and a customizable list (new!). That means, that you can directly choose which contacts the widget displays. Furthermore, you can have more than one Contacts! widget on your homescreen, build groups of widgets and give these groups titles. For example, it is now possible to have 4 widgets on one part of the homescreen showing a call log with 16 positions! In the center of the homescreen you can have another widget showing a custom list of your all time favorite contacts.

How to add a call log: If you want a call log that shows 8 contacts, click on “Create as new group”, give the group a name and click ok. Add another widget by longlicking on the homescreen. In the same dialog as before, click on “Add to group” and select the group that you have created before. After clicking ok, the 2 widgets show 8 contacts. If you want to change the title or make it invisible, click on the little orb in the center. A small dialog appears where you can change the name or make the title invisible.

How to add a custom list: This is done the same way as the call log. To add contacts to the list, click on the little orb. The widget changes now it’s appeareance. This is the edit mode, where you can add new shortcuts or edit exiting ones (to leave the edit mode, click the orb once more). If you click on a shortcut, a dialog is shown where you can choose a contact, replace a contact or delete an existing one. To change the title options, click on “Settings” (this works the same way as with a call log). On the screenshots page you’ll find screenshots of the new UI.

What’s next? The next update will bring an option to define a “default” action for a shortcut, e.g call the contact or write a sms on one click. At least that’s my plan 😉


Contacts! Widget v1.3

Posted: 12/11/2009 in Version Info

– Slightly bigger pictures

– Bugfixes for Android 2.0 (tested on the emulator)

If you experience any problems after updating to this version, please leave a comment!


Contacts! Widget v1.2

Posted: 04/11/2009 in Version Info

Fixed a couple of performance issues and a little bug. Furthermore, I removed the dialog to change the viewing mode. Instead, the mode can now be directly switched by clicking on the little orb in the middle of the widget. I think that’s much more convenient.

I just uploaded a little update for the Contacts! Widget.

New in this version: Now you can choose, if your favorite contacts or the last dialed contacts are shown.

I just released my second Android application – Contacts! Widget. It’s a 4×1 homescreen widget, that provides shortcuts to the 4 most dialed contacts. Future updates will bring more options like different widget sizes, vertical orientation and themes. Contacts! Widget needs at least Android 1.5 to work.

Cash Agent v1.01

Posted: 01/11/2009 in Version Info

Fixed some bugs in the maintenance modul.